Monday, August 20, 2012


I have run out of words to tell you I love you Earth
I went to the sky to find the feather of hell
Will I survive the Stone Age Fire?

If I manage to save a few species
I do not want to draw any glory from it
Nor money, nor a decoration and Justice be

See, Lord, how I lose my head over this
Lord from where? What do I know, me the rebel
Who comes from brotherly flames, I am so

At the source I take the words so understood they will be
A long time ago a world was only asking to live
After six thousand years here and there towns went to sleep

By I do not know what maybe ignorance
Where fire was burnt by intolerance
There is there distrust in alternation

While there is no more water in the fields
And the light of heaven is refusing her perceptivity
She gave so much and so much kindness

After so many wars under breezes devoid of meaning
Go say to the dictators that she is coming back from ancient times
The Earth who abounds in loving flowers

Mighty people hear these thousand words from the white dove
Her feathers are turned lovely by them they announce spring
Hello centuries back from wars sailing before the wind
They are slowly drained

Children coming from past times refuse to destroy the Earth
From those fires in which heather over one's shoulder is dying
See Princes, Tyrants how the sky angers

In your letters made of nuclear alchemies
It's the same old story welded to our miseries
We forget Fire Sky and Earth

I have run out of words to tell you I love you Earth
I went to the sky to find the feather of hell
Will I survive Stone Age Fire?

See my back broken by all this hell on earth
Exploring osmosis in Universe
I come back from Large Land rewinding the rout backwards

And I spend full nights to save the nightingale singing
Slowly announcing winds of change
By these nonsense where Time, partisan, elegantly discourses

Not to offend the Wind with all of these empty noises, only too often
A war has started there "oh it's so far" says the guardian stallion
Go Mighty people and tell the flamboyant fires that Earth intolerates

Under the Earth who slowly gets exhausted under ivy
After so many wars rancid cavalier years
Go tell the Sky that I will go and pray on the ephemeral Fire

So that it becomes only a wavering Earth
Where water drop by drop is streaming
The Earth, Noble Lady with the saffron ribbon

Elisaabeth Žarkov

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