Friday, December 17, 2010


I see
The time
As a parade of moments
Masked by blind glances
They killed the poet of Tangier
For some cold statues looking at a past
The day falls asleep
I am afraid of his decor
Never in body with the agreement
The top becomes Gap
She remains stunned in front of her appearances
Nightmare already you return there
That you return to it!
Crucifying Golgotha
On the Altar of the glance of the old man vielleur
Master of our memory lapses
In the cold sweats
I often begged as a goddess
The earth the sky and the fire to give me of the tenderness
But I so often hurt them
In my insane courtship that I do not dare to look any more
But the rain the wind wash my errors
I believe, I want, I ask, I beg
Day after day time after time
I hope

Elisabeth Vaury

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