Thursday, December 27, 2018


When I have been about twenty,
 Mid-eighties with the drops,
 And storms with folks were fighting
 For the unharvested crops 

That times, the friend of
 mine has told
To come To celebrate his wedding
On bride and on her
 father’s gold
And here am I with gentle
walk along the river
 With aim of wedding party
 In village next to mine

Too messy for the morning:
The iron hiss
The drawer creak
And happiness
Of buddy-groom
Just woke up
And neighbors’ fuss –
No room for dullness
With dress the bride is proud
And no chance to miss the lace

But modesty is not the inspiration nature
 Despite the day is blessed for others
 With sacrament I’ve got
 the light and got the danger
 Of sudden painful flame
 Ignited in my soul
 And heart is having only
 thought –
To getting married. As life
 is one and goal
To happy be, and wedding
 at the river, and love
 intimacy by angels brought
The day was full of
 And got me confident to marry
The one I’ll call beloved

Along my path was looking
for my love in vain
And has been all beset
with thought
That life is nothing more
than miserable strain
 And lots of pain and no
 hope forth
The last resort –
 And having dreams of
 sweetheart face
 The heart was getting

The ages passed and
 Dreams came true
When once a time,
 In night in June,
We’ve gifted kiss
 In rose bud light

Khinkiladze Katerina

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Painted with ballet

Everything is subject to changes and distorts.! In The transformation is involved male figure in the role of a ballerina painting background in dissonant interval!

Sunday, April 16, 2017


The exterior and the interior found their harmony
The bitter taste of cocoons hiding the seeds of satisfaction

®. Žarkov

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Happiness is to know how to play the fife . Fife or pipe is short ,material to make it can be found every where in nature, simple in preparation and can fit into any pocket . Her sound is heard far away ,narrowing the space and can attrackt a crowd and determine the direction of movement! It is perfect happiness is that it can convert all into the sound and pure condition of soul !

® Žarkov

Monday, November 9, 2015

Seal of Henry VIII's ( Crna Bara)

Hair of the past

is spreaded over the vast wold.
Each wisp of the hair stamped into ground
is a seal of a distant empire.

® Žarkov