Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Think about an hour glass. We see how time flows through it. Grains of truth about the passage of time have an ocher color of sand dunes. There is also Aluna, moon clock. Time is ticking on moon phases. Thus, the water we draw nigh cosmos.
The ground is falling apart, sand swirls. The head becomes an hourglass. Boulders in the green box create your texture image. Dissemination in space on begins to resemble a cracked earthenware vessel in which sand is poured external forces influence that creates a funnel that extends through the sand, earth and clouds. Their weight and shape are different, but it's interesting that the speed of their movements ista.Why is it so? Perhaps because the head is now the symbol of the universal tumult, movement, disintegration. It is the meeting place of universal energy. Impulses from the world, as sparks share another character. All in the rhythm of conveyor belts and metamorphosis. Thus, the character got one more symbolic meaning. Now it is one of many, the particle existence. Separate the head from the body because it is our mind.But the character is shown as a mold, as shells, a segment that will be shared with cosmic energy. All the plays that originate from cleavage beings agree in the idea of the main creator.We have made it home, temples of God on earth who materialization of predictions that we will all be part of a cosmic energy.Everything will be in a world of invisible particles that bounce on the walls of a super-sensitive a different hour. One who has not yet been invented. Futurism was invented in the form of the earthly world. A world where there is a divine dimension, however we are not able to understand.It might not be.Their feet for land reserve. Do you have a new Antey? Or are we just stuck to the floor without falling.

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